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invasion of "creeping charley ground ivy. with High Voltage Answered

I am experimenting with voltages to destroy unwanted vines and other weeds in my grass and garden. I have an idea that  a high voltage may be the answer.  However I don"t  relish using a 120 vac line  out to the grass. So I would like  to make a portable  bat. operated one that  can generate at least 5 kilovolts . The tip of the killing rod  in my hand would be well insulated I presume. Is  this type  of high voltage available?
     How about use of a FASER gun? Is it legal?
Ground  Ivy is a pest weed. Hard to kill with  chemicals.



6 years ago

best answer seems to be 'fire'. I am looking into a gas lamp that can be directed at the vine. thanks all.

Would there be some way one of those battery operated fly swatters would work?

Hi- that sounds like the safe way to zap charley. I have one and will try to modify it to flash a leaf. thanks.

ps- congratulations on the publishing of your story of the Porcupine.

Thanks so much mistic. Really appreciate your support


6 years ago

As the owner of an electric fence I can tell you that high voltage doesn't have much effect on weeds. The part of the plants touching the wire die but that is about it. In some cases a pocket or void will develop around the fence wire. The plants will grow up and over the wire with a small area around it being clear. If you drop a blade of grass on it it will sizzle and smoke but grass that touches the wire will be unaffected except for the area that actually touches. A plant is well grounded, any charge it gets is dissipated through the roots. Since it doesn't have a nervous system it is not effected. You can't jolt it enough to scramble its brain or stop its heart. Now bugs on the other hand die pretty fast, hence the success of bug zappers. But I have never killed a plant with a high voltage charge. Another example on the extreme scale is a tree that gets hit with lightening. Most of them survive. They are damaged from the physical effects of water turning into steam and exploding and the high heat, but usually the tree lives through it. Plants are pretty tough.

Hi V; How high voltage is used in your electric fence? Is it high frequency?
or 120 vac 60 Hz. ?
Ref lightning-- I saw a tree split in two- I noted that the weeds around the base were burnt. I did not determine if the weeds grew back tho,unfortunately.
The tree was cut down .

Sodium chlorate kills most growing things - trouble is it persists in the ground so nothing grows for several years.

Hmmmmmm... interesting. I've got weeds in my driveway, and i don't want anything to grow there at all. Will look into this further. Thanks for the suggestion :0)

Get yourself a blow-lamp, gas is more energy-dense than batteries.
(or a flame-thrower)


I will certainly try this. U of I reply was [1] chemical by Ortho, or ]2] 'believe it or not , use your hands and pull slowly.!
So much for the professors of Ag.