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Just a spot to post random ideas for inventions. Example: If you took a crank, put the right amount of weights on it, and let it go from the top, it would go around forever due to the momentum. Anyone interested?




8 years ago

a game system that could play any game from any system so you wouldnt be at walmart saying, " Aww come on they didnt make this game for ps3! they are so dumb!"

I agree.

But then they would have to fit all the copies of the game on one disk, which would have to be on blue ray. Then Wii and Xbox 360 would need to be able to read blue ray disks.


All systems would read everything the same. but why would they do that?

It doesn't mean you can't find a BETTER (or at least different) way to do it :-) 

Nothing lasts forever.

Eventually, "nothing" will last forever.

Not even nothing lasts forever. Eventually a random quantum fluctuation will be large enough to become a new universe.

Hmm, if it obeys the laws of physics, it will not be so random really :-)

QM is "random" by definition, especially when it comes to vacuum fluctuations. They are intrinsically unpredictable, and the amplitudes are distributed exponentially.

Ok, then maybe it is better to say that, with our current knowledge and abilities, we find them random, but this may not remain the case :-)

And so we come back around to Bell's Theorem :-)

Yes, that rings of truth..um..for the present day, anyway. :-)

Not that this has anything to do with the current conversation, but do you also believe that when Columbus sailed to America in 1492, most Europeans believed that the earth was flat? a myth popularized by Washington Irving, in his 1828 biography of Columbus.

Sorry, I couldn't resist the little jab, because I hear so often, there was a time we didn't think we'd ever fly either..... :-)

Of course not. The Europeans understood very well that the Earth was round, and also knew about the calculation of it's diameter/circumference.

What Columbus did was to use an artifical and wrong calculation of the circumference to convince the Spanish (since neither the Italians nor the Portuguese believed him) that the circumference was several thousand miles shorter, so that he could actually reach East Asia by sailing West. He got really lucky that there was an unexpected continent where he claimed Asia would be.

You know, come to think of it,  I wonder if it was luck or that he had heard "tales" of the former trips to the "Americas"  :-)  and just figured it was Asia?

What I think is bad is that there are those today that believe the earth is flat (or say they do anyways) 

True the universe is always have a reaction because of the random flucuation of atoms and such.

Ummm. No. If there are atoms then there isn't "nothing." You might possibly be thinking of the Casimir effect, which is not what I was discussing. I'm talking about vacuum fluctuations.

That's exactley what I was meaning. Nothing lasts forever except nothingness. I think I watched too much "The Never Ending Story" as a child. "The Nothingness is coming! The Nothingness is coming!!" Scary movie indeed. Whomever came up with that wolf creature that talks, should be shot. Gave me nightmares for years!!

Wolf ? Do you mean the big furry dog?

Falcor is the flying dog and i'm not sure of the wolfs name. It may not of had one. Scary though!!


Ah, you mean G'mork. The dog, now that I think of it, was actually a dragon of sorts, with a dog's head.

Well, I found the Wizard of Oz a bit unnerving as a child, so I guess each generation has their Scary Movies LOL

Such...A big bird...And the red thing. And the vampire. Counting! Always COUNTING!

best movie ever... no contest, loved it.

Yes, indeed it was a classic. I will have to grab the DVD.

yeah, i should watch it again..

Nope. The BCC structure of carbon is metastable. There's an energy barrier, but if you heat up a diamond it'll turn into graphite.

I was referring to the commercials. Diamonds are forever... as is Love... you must have seen those commercials over the Holidays.

Give your loved one something she will truley love this christmas! A $3500 diamond ring. Nothing to pay until 2010. Pfffttt!! you would be saving till then, to pay for the darn thing anyway...

Fine print: interest on unpaid balance is retroactive

She's playing off the Kay jeweler's commercial......every kiss begins with Kay.

Im guessingthats an American ad. I live in Australia.

Oh, I see. I think we have some quite similar ones over here.

If a kiss did not begin with K, it would only be an iss and what fun is just issing ?

Is the 'p' silent? Like in swimming?

Like the old sign: Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.

Don't get around to ool's much do you? ;-) That is like almost a standard sign here in my end of the world.