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inverter rating Answered

somewhat confused... I'm planning some guerilla projections with a 4500lumen projector (which has a power rating of 450w) can I run it with a 700w inverter? Instructable on these pages says I need 2000w+ inverter can anyone explain why I need so much headroom.


Is the bulb rated for 450w or is the projector itself? I ask because ~1.2A seems kinda low for a projector....

If you're not sure -- look for the power requirements... It should say something like 115V (or around there) and XXXAmps. Amps times Volts = watts ;)

thanks for your help - had forgotten about US voltage =110v - I'm in UK voltage = 240v. Projector is 2.5amps x 240volts = 600w my inverter knocks out 700w with 1400w peak for starting stuff up so I reckon I'll be ok.

No worries -- It's just 450w was really low (regardless of voltage - power consumption is equivalent). 700watt's should be good for running a 600watt projector. But if you want to plug something else in (say a computer/laptop or speakers), you might want to go a little higher ;)