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invisible thread Answered

What's the best substitude for 'invisible thread' ?


For what application? Black thread, thread matching the background colors, something other than thread entirely...

I'm trying to perform a little magic trick which needs invisible thread.

Generally the magic tricks which claim to use "invisible thread" are just making that claim for the purposes of misdirection, and actually accomplish the illusion another way.

Without knowing exactly what effect you're trying to produce, and what the constraints are, it's impossible to say more than that. Could be "black art", but more likely There Is No Thread.

My magic trick is simple.I'll attach the invisible thread to a coin and the other end to my finger.I'll move the coin.It's a quite simple trick.But I know that the way I perform will be important for the success of the trick.

as he originally said, black thread is great and its what I use but the strength is a real issue if you are doing anything viggorous like swinging it around overhead but still its great for pulling tricks so long as your not too close as it will be more visible at close range ESPECIALLY if they are looking for it (so tricks like this are best used as an opener if you dont tell your audience that you are going to do a trick)


7 years ago

Try mono filament clear fishing line.


7 years ago

Really, just to save a few kopecks, spend some money and go buy the
real invisible thread instead :-)