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ipod Video Laser Projector Answered

Thought you guys might want to take a peek at my upcoming instructables. I've decieded that instead of making lots of private mistakes and depriving you of the failed projects I'll make a website to house all my projects before htey become instructables. Here's my latest:

ipod laser video projector
You can get all the info on how/why i think it'll work there along with some pics and video.

Some pics and video for here:

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how to build a case that can hold mirrors and lasers very precisely in a small footprint. Thanks!


this sounds so awesome, if the problem is getting a consistent like erm... box of light, i just read an ible about gaming laser sight or something and the guy removed a lens which changed a line to a dot, which may be useful for this?
also for accuracy, u may need to use CNC.

Sweet! Where did you get the screen? How much was it?

Screen was from china from ebay, was ~40$, so not bad. The two mirrors I need cost ~20 dollars each. And I think I can keep costs ~100$ for the whole thing. -bg

I tried something similar to this once, but I was trying to convert an old cell phone to have a mini projector instead of a screen. I didn't try laser light, I tried using a bunch of led's but I had trouble finding the right lens.

So you understand the benefit of using lasers, optics is a tricky business!

Yeah, getting it to be in focus is a nightmare!