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ipod dock with fisher speakers Answered

so i was wondering  if any one would be able to help me out i have a pair of fisher STV-862 speakers and was wondering  if i could use them to make a ipod dock  with either a regular line in connection or a dock built in or possibly both, i have some electrical knowledge but not enough to get me through this and help would be greatly appreciated 



5 years ago

Yes you can. You will need to buy or build an amp otherwise the speakers will only be as load as a set of headphones. Then you can use anything audio input connection you want to send a signal through the amp and to the speakers. You can easily find the 30 pin iPod connector pin out online and see which wires you'll need too send audio out from your iPod.


Reply 5 years ago

thanks i have an idea on how to do it now but well see how it goes