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is This wrong Answered


It's wrong, very wrong.

The way you place punctuation marks is downright painful to look at!

is it that bad ? I will take another look at it .

no I was not going for bad punctuation marks . that's some thing that I have always struggled with .(I had or have a bit of a learning disability with English)

It's the way you finish the sentence .You should put the period immediately after the last letter, not immediately before the next. Do you see how the point before "You" looks odd?

I see that I did go through and fix some things I first missed

thanks that's what I wanted to do I was thinking about doing more recipies that way but I don't think the community likes food . the first day it only got 26 views now that I made the cover weird its got more but not many

At least it is not soylent green.

I read in national geographic a few months ago that they made a sythenic soylent green

Not offensive, just plain weird.

I thought he might have taken offense with the grammar and spellcheck nazees and maybe this guy.