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is a rock tumbler a ball mill? Answered

i have a rock tumbler and i dont want to buy a ball mill if i dont have to


A ball mill in a feed mill is for grinding grains into feed for livestock. I dont think it would make a very good tumbler.

Try my rock tumbler.
I built this one for polishing brass bullet casings for reloading but it also makes a good rock tumbler with the right polishing media.


The only problem I would see is that since the container is plastic I would make sure that here is not chance of static electricity since even if you're not grinding black powder what ever you are grinding will be fine enough to be explosive. Other than that if it can handle the weight of the material you're putting in it there is not difference in the mechanical portion of the equipment. Good luck and you're not my neighbor are you?

i fyou live in florida maybe lol some people complain but alot dont care lol

they are essentially the same. Rock tumblers are that in that they use rocks and ginding media. Ball mills have the same barrel and drive the same way but they use larger heavy balls or other shaped objects to crush a grind whatever is in there. You can buy balls to put in your rock tumbler. I believe http://www.unitednuclear.com/ has them for sale. And end lead covered balls so there is no sparking incase you want to mill up some black powder. Hope this answered the question. cheers

Usable as one, maybe, depending on what you use as the media and whether it's large enough for the task at hand. Try it and find out?

I'm not exactly sure, but I believe that a rock tumble is designed to shine and polish, not smash and mix. Therefore, I'd recommend making your own ball meal out of a low geared motor and about 15 mouse balls.