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is artificial intelligence possible? Answered


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wel, that helps, but could a regular person get atleast some kind ai into a machine the size of a baseball?

Depends on your definition of a Regular person ?
A mouse in a see through plastic exercise base ball

I like the "mouse in an exercise ball" solution. Meets the requirements, affordable, easily understood.

just, people with no connections, average amount of muny, NOT rich, know it all punks
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We need them to make the wheels turn.
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Yes we are little more than biological robots so we are indeed a form of biological machine intelligence.

is it possible to build an electronic version? Yes and in many ways better (BUT more narrow focused than we humans) Big Blue ALICE even my washing machine does a better job than I would.

There's nothing proving it impossible; there's nothing proving it possible.

First, define "intelligence".

Every time a specific AI problem has been solved in the past, it has turned out to be a glorified pattern-matching problem, sometimes combined with machine learning. IBM's Watson would have been unable to play Jeopardy so well if they had tried to teach it directly; instead they fed it a huge body of English text with facts and opinions, built some rules to let it guess its way to relationships between those, and helped it learn which kinds of guesses were and weren't correct.

But people don't like thinking that this might be a complete answer. They prefer to think that "intelligence" implies human-style self-awareness... and some people are uncomfortable with the notion that a simulation perfect enough to be indistinguishable from the real thing might as well be the real thing.

I believe that some day we will have computers as capable as the human brain. Whether anyone is able to produce something that everyone else will agree is "intelligence" in such a machine is undecidable until it happens.

Read up on the topic -- there's a LOT of discussion of this over the past century -- and make up your own mind about which experts you find convincing. If you study it deeply enough, long enough, your own opinion might be as good as any of theirs.

Re getting it into a baseball: Again, DEFINE INTELLIGENCE. You can certainly build something which meets the computer-science definitions of AI into a container that small... but that isn't intelligence as the term is generally used. For example, the voice recognition software that permits your cell phone to voice-dial is a clever bit of computer learning and pattern recognition; so is a computer chess opponent... but nobody would call those intelligent in the same sense they would call a mouse intelligent.

Decide what you actually want it to be able to do. THEN maybe we'll be able to tell you whether it is possible or practical. Maybe.

Or, as I say, go do some reading -- on the web and in your library. You'll learn a lot more than we can, or would be willing to, go into here.

orksecurity is correct about defining what tghe intellegence is.

some may consider a perfect replication of the brain and intellect of a cockroach in a robo roach (which would be beyond current AI), as not being AI, wheras that new robot by honda, Qosimo or whatever his name is, can be considerd to be AI, despite having the actual mental capacity of a 3 year old, is considered to be the very best in AI!

even though there is a program out there capable of creativity, using laws which us humans look for in art and sound look for in and enjoy !
it is capable of producing pleasing images from almost nothing, and is able to produce pleasant melodies and such. things that people would enjoy looking at, would say, thats a nice painting, or saying if they were asked, this music is nice.

in short, yess its possible, just not very developed yet. if we would merge all the current AI out there, we would get something that is the equivalent of an autisic humanoid robot!