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is corn starch a good substitute for flour??? Answered

i want to make some recipes but i don't have flour and i can't leave the house. So I was wondering if corn starch is a good substitute for flour.



9 years ago

No, like everyone else said. If you don't have flour you can try spelt, amaranth, barley flour, buckwheat, cornmeal (you'll have to make it more fine), rice flour and oat flour. Though you probably won't have these at home either. If you have oats you can run it through a blender/food processor to make oat flour. Which makes a decent substitute for flour.

Corn starch is a much more powerful thickener, at least twice as strong as flour. So if you are trying to thicken something, like a pudding or a gravy, corn starch is a great choice. (Be sure to dissolve it in a tiny bit of cold liquid before adding to the recipe; it's prone to clumping otherwise.) If you have a recipe that requires stickiness or elasticity, it's not a good choice. In addition to starch, flour also has a protein called gluten that makes the cooked food fluffy, springy, or keeps it stuck together. So if you are making a bread, you need flour.

Depending on the recipe, probably not. Cornstarch tends to swell when wet, which is why it is used as a thickening agent in sauces.

Both 'flour' and corn starch are starch. The results won't be the same, but in principle you can substitute - what are you making? L