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is instructable pro stupid or smart? Answered

IMO i think its a desperate attempt, too quick, and turned my away immediately



Best Answer 9 years ago

In my opinion, i don't like it. if my understanding that in 3 months when they revoke access to "pro" features when i have been an active user, i am going to feel cheated, like "bait and switch"

As a PR guy, it seems that this seemingly random splash into the pro accounts addition was not a great way to introduce the program. especially, when it is going to take away some features that i have grown accustomed to using.

I like instructables, and has been useful to me on more than one occasion, but i am not willing to pay for the right to use certain features, especially those that were previously offered to me.

more info: https://www.instructables.com/account/gopro?pro=true

I think the same thing, I like instructables but I dont want to have to pay, I am a tight wad anyway

To quote Ms. Joplin: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" I DON'T want to lose Instructables so I'll kick intto the kitty.

I dont think it will distract from instructable too much. They wont take away features that will destroy the community. Just try and get accustomed to it and find new workarounds. They're doing this because they HAVE to. Lets help them out by not revolting while they deal with their financial crisis. I see the "pro" badges as either a childish person that wants to get noticed or a loyal member that wants to help instructables... but you cant telll so I just ignore them. Im soon right as the all-step preferance gets take away, there will be tons of firefox add-ons to help us out.

I've been using Instructables for a long time. I don't mind contributing to its welfare. Hell what can you get ffor free these days? I also support public radio and TV. hy? o I don't feel like a leech.

It's annoying, I'd rather not have the "Pro" badge. L

I agree the pro tag should be more subtle, or an option to hide it such that we can be philanthropic without needing bragging rights.

Yes, optional would be good. L

It doesn't make a difference. people won't judge you just because you have the words PRO next to your name.

Some people will though. How do you view people who can afford things against people who can't? A lot of people around here don't have the means (even if they have the cash) to sign-up. It can be an "us & them" for some. L

Neither. It certainly wasn't rushed - this has been on the cards for a long time (I recall that Eric asked the whole community for revenue ideas some time ago). Not stupid, not smart, merely necessary.

While I appreciate what almost everyone has said here: Suck it up. I'm in a monetarily tight position right now too. Has instructables given me literally hundreds of hours of entertainment, education, and interaction? yes. How much bandwidth have I alone used. Tonnes. Do I use adblock? yes. Eric doesn't post numbers (this is a business after all) But I wouldn't be surprised if ibles bandwidth alone cost several thousand dollars a month - not including staff wages. To summarize: (I'll paraphrase the other people...tell me if you think its accurate): "I like instructables. It has a lot of cool features. It never used to cost money, but now it does, and I'm unwilling to pay for what previously gave me a bunch of ~awesome~ for free."

I didn't get the question. Maybe you should add some more information?