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is instructables really safe can i give my address to them? Answered



instructables is very safe. they will never sell out your information nor will they misuse it.

oh yes they will. in a heart beat. the trick is do you trust them not to harm you with it.

I was suspicious when they wanted my address. why do they want to send me a post card anyway? there must be "SOME" other reason they could just e-mail something to me.

they have a reason for wanting a physical address and I am curious as to what that reason it.

I can tell you this while I DO reasonably trust instructables (one of my favorite sites ever) the reason they want it is NOT just to send you a post card. there IS another reason.

the fact that they wont' say what it is "IS" valid reason for concern.

but not enough to stop me from giving it to them.

They want your address to mail you prizes from contests. I have received prizes and postcards.

Instructables is owned by a Corporation. It's fine, and I have done it before. They won't spam you, and it's only for prizes from contests you've won.

The only time Staff ask you for a physical address is so that they can send you something: a contest prize, a postcard or holiday card, whatever.

Anecdotes are not data. Keeping that it mind, I can say that my own experience is that I'bles is the only organization to whom I have provided contact information and for which I don't even have a suspicion that the information has been passed on to third parties.

Banks? Stores? HMOs? They'll sell you out in a heartbeat. So far, I'bles doesn't appear to roll that way.

HQ only ask for address if they are going to send you something, and normally they send you a link to a form to fill in your details.

If this is what happened, then you are fine.


6 years ago

I've never heard a single complaint and I've been a member for nearly five years. I think you'll be safe.

+6 years

One can never say truly anything is 100%; the absence of a complaint doesn't mean bad hasn't happened, or won't happen -- but past behaviour usually indicates future; and I've never heard of a problem -- they have my info...heck I get a postcard from time to time :D