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is it hard to make a strobe light and the level of hardness on a scale of 10? Answered


If you know how to cut one of the two power leads to a glowing lamp in any fitting and put a fluorescent starter between the exposed ends without burning the house down, or yourself in hospital, you've made yourself a very cheap and very basic strobelight.

If you managed to keep the on/of switch attached, then you can switch it on or off, but that's all the control you have over the device.

You could forget about the cutting and fluorescent starter and flick the on/of switch repeatedly in quick succession.
Even easier, cheaper and the rate of the flashes is controlleable. (Though somewhat limited to your physical condition.)

Levels involved ? For the second solution near to zero. For the first I'd like to have an answer to the question lemonie asked. 

It is an easy build, unless you're going to re-invent the strobe light. Mainly fab skills and budget. If you can solder, use a drill and other tools, then it's a 1 or 2

If you plan on designing it based on a description of what it does...could be up there in the 7 area.

On a scale where 1 is making a poop and 10 is making a system to land a person on the moon and return them safely to Earth, a strobe light is about 1.3.

Of course "how to make" can also be equally scaled.  The easiest way to make a strobe light (hardness 1) is to make some money and buy one.  The hardest way (hardness 10) involves blowing you own glass bulb, fractionally distilling your own xenon gas from liquid oxygen and mining and refining copper and drawing it into wire among other tasks.  But you'd sure learn a lot.

I snorted my coffee reading that first line.

Hardness 1 - 10
1   Talc
2   Gypsum
3   Calcite    
4   Fluorite
5   Apatite
6   Orthoclase
7   Quartz      
8   Topaz
9   Corundum
10  Diamond

Best answer. Not to this question, but best answer of the night anyway.

Use a 555 chip blinking circuit and 10 or so of the basic wight led's

Depends on your own skill level. Commercial kits, with enclosure and reflector, are available; that's the simplest and safest  solution. (I built two of those, many years ago). If you have soldering experience, those are down around a 3.

An led one - 3
Xenon - 6

What's your technical ability on a scale of 1 to 10 (linear, not logarithmic)?