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is it highly necessary to use resistors on leds. Answered

i want to do a small tiny project using only 3 led's with no resistor,now the led's are 3.3v,i only want to use 4.5v of battery power,but i was thinking of wiring it in parallel although that drains more battery power,any help would be highly appreciated thanks....




Best Answer 6 years ago

OMG  the resistor goes in series with the LED.
You can go here to design an LED circuit of your own.   .   .   A


Yes, it is highly necessary. You can use the calculator pointed to by iceng below to get an accurate resistor value as per your need.

Resistors are necessary, and good. How else are you going to control how much current flows through your LEDs?

Pretty much. They're going to burn out really quickly unless you limit current.