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is it legal/possible to get videos from youtube to an i pod? Answered

I want to get music videos from youtube on my ipod. Is this even possible? if so is it legal?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Possible, yes (there are download options on the site).

Legal, probably not.

(But when has that ever stopped the Download Generation?)

Thank you so much! Could I get into real trouble if i did try to though?

It depends on the video, but usually none at all.

If you are going to use it on your ipod, and not rebroadcast or upload it, most likely nobody will even know.

(As for the downloads, the few videos I have downloaded, I used the Firefox add-on download-helper, and then converted between video formats with Imtoo.)

Ok. A bit complicated but i will have to try it!

Ok kiteman is right that it probably is not legal depending on the video. But I will explain how you can do it. Step 1 get real player. Step 2 get handbrake. Step 3 go on YouTube find the video you want and let it load. Step 4 realplayer should pop up and ask you if you would like to download it. Step 5 convert it you can do this with realplayer but I prefer to do it with handbrake to do it with handbrake go into your real player downloads folder drag the video you downloaded to your desktop and open handbrake. Step 6 in the hand brake window it will say source click the browse button right by that and direct it to the video on your desktop.
Step 7 click start and it will create a file on your desktop once it is finished just drag that into iTunes and sync it to your iPod.

If it's an iPod Touch you can use MxTube from cydia if you have it jailbroken, or if not, you can use MiTube from the app store.

It's possible to download the video using something like Real Player; just make sure it's saved as an mp4. Then it's just a matter of importing it into your iTunes library.