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is it posible to make a knex gun with mag where te breeach does not need modefied parts? Answered



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Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes.  You can make it to where the breech uses tan locks if you are using a round barrel.  But it's not as efficient that way.  A good example would be Mepain's sniper rifle.

Not with a round barrel, guns with rectangular barrels like the spiff do not need any modified pieces.

but those barrels have a ton of friction.

Not really, the barrel is slightly larger than the rod, so there isn't too much friction.

im not sure because im working on a asult riffle and the reciver is made of a rail and it has a round barel to give a snug fit along the round travling throgh th barel

some rectangular barrels are square shaped and a rod fits perfectly inside.

there are so many combinations with knex that probably yes but one has not been found that I know of yet