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is it possible to build a fairly cheap in ear system for live gigs? Answered

i find it easier to deliver a good vocal performance when i can hear myself singing.although gigs generally provide monitors, i have and often use an in ear system when playing in my local church band and the difference is incomparable,for obvious reasons. the only problems is these systems are extremely costly. for now i am just wanting to play some acoustic gigs so a simple transmittor and in ear system would do the job.do you have any diagrams of any such devices?many thanks



8 years ago

what you can do is that, you should create split line, where the mic output is, and then have ur headphones, or have a wireles


9 years ago

have you ever tried pushing that little flap in your ear into your ear? it makes everything you say rather loud for you. all it would take would be to create a device that holds that flap down for you and you will be able to hear yourself really well. i usually wear one of these when singing with the choir. see what you can do this way, because acoustic really isn't that loud.