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is it possible to connect a rotary encoder to a USB A input? Answered

hello everyone,

i've been using a laptop for a long time now and my laptop
uses a touchpad scrollwheel. as we all probably know: they s*ck.
lately i found instruction on how to make a desktop scrollwheel (https://www.instructables.com/id/Desktop_Scroll_Wheel_and_Volume_Control/), but is was very unclear and
very large. ik started thinking of making one myself.
smaller than the one they build. i would make it out of a tictac barrel and an old
rotary encoder from an even older mouse. i want to use USB A input becouse
that's easy to use and it's on (almost) every computer.
is there any way to connect the A,B,C pins of the rotary encoder
to the pins of a USB A input?

p.s. i know, my english s*cks


Maybe you try this one

No, not directly.

You'll need some sort of interface. The easiest ways to do it would be with an arduino, or the circuit board from a hacked up USB mouse

You could do exactly the same thing by modifying a USB mouse.

You do realise that you'll need some king of controller on the USB device and software drivers for it? Yes you can do it, but how much difficulty are you prepared to deal with?
In the instructable they're essentially modifying the mouse as far as I see it, it's got the controller and standard drivers.