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is it possible to create a program that can learn with Python? Answered

i want to create a simple program that can be told information and learn from it, also i want the program to be able to respond to questions asked of it about the things it knows

does anybody know where to start?


Hit the library for books on either advanced search techniques or AI. It's certainly possible to construct simple implication systems, but making them do anything useful is quite difficult. Similarly, it's possible to construct content-addressable storage, but whether that constitutes "learning" is debatable; it's essentially a database. Either way, this is a bigger topic than an Answer (or an Instructable) can really address productively.

Whew...well...yes, sort of. I believe there are bots that learn as they go. As I recall, there was an annoying bot that frequented a group I was once a part of that learned people's names and targeted them for "discussion". However, the coding is not a beginner's game.

Start with a proper specification ! What do you mean by "told information" and "learn from it " ?

such as telling it that the grass is green and then have the program now realize that the grass is green and answer a simple question like "what color is the grass?": [green]...

You're in ADVANCED semantics and linguistics to do that, the programming is the very least of your problems. How do YOU do the logic ?

those of you have seen the other question i asked about doing this with a batch file, that was an extreme typo so i decided to just create a new question...that is all