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is it possible to create stong wind in order to create lift? Answered

how can i make wind using the same principals that wind is made naturally on earth?


There is a multitude of methods to generate wind. Conventional jet engines, props, ion wind, manipulating convection generated by the sun, etc... naturally though... i guess you could use a HAARP like device to alter the ionosphere's temperature and composition if you believe in that tech. Heat is all that drives weather on the planet, right? If you add heat artificially or alter the radiation shielding properties of the atmosphere to let more heat in you could create weather patterns. Granted you would need an absorbent amount of energy to effectively alter the weather with heat...

Take a fusion reactor, running at several million degrees, place 93 million miles away from the earth and wait.

How do you think "natural wind" is made, if it isn't from solar energy ?? He asked for " the same principals that wind is made naturally on earth?"

I don't see giant fans being involved "naturally"


Well your method is just yak shaving. Sure you can have the fusion reactor thermally heat the earths surface to then be turned into high/low pressure zones, but thats alot of effort and expense. A fan could synthesize the same thing in a much faster time for alot cheaper.

> but thats alot of effort and expense
.  What effort and expense? Nature was nice enough to put a perfectly sized reactor at the perfect distance from Earth. The user doesn't have any control over it but it's free to use!

While that is true, Steve implied that you create one and place it all the way out there.

.  Oh. I thought it was that weird British humo(u)r. Ie, a very subtle way of saying "It's already there, you twit."

Why - don't you have natural-wind where you are?


The principles which make wind naturally involve solar heating and moisture cycles and so on. You can simulate these in a small box by providing power (eg heat) from outside, but that doesn't "create lift".

Could you be more specific about what you're trying to do? It doesn't sound possible...

I shall refrain from saying "Eat at Taco Bell" (whoops. Said it.) and instead ask what you want to make wind for. The question states that you want to use natural principles, but the tags specify using a motor. So I'm a little counfused about what the question is about. Maybe if you explain a bit more, we'll be able to come up with an answer thar works for you.

i dunno what ur meaning with the details, but looking at the header, i assume ur looking for something like a hovercraft

itl be really hard to make something like that yourself, unless ur a pro engineer with super sophisticated equipement for this specific job.
and if you would be/would have it, you wouldnt asked this question :D