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is it possible to generate electricity by using a bicycle and an automobiles alternator? Answered

i have been pondering this, and have searched the site but found nothing like this, but maybe using a larger inner tube and putting that around a bare rim and a spindle on an alternator to generate electricity? and would the rpms be enough to generate some charge? and also, it would be a\c charge? maybe it would be possible to charge up an automobile battery, if so it would be pretty neat, and useful.


I did that at an Engineers Without Borders http://www.ewb.ca workshop back in 2001- called a pedal generator and basically you use it to charge any 12V battery. Coupled with white LED lights you get light for hours and is used in developing countries. Check out http://www.lutw.org. But you need a good (working) alternator and it takes quite a bit of pedalling to crank out the 12V. Gearing helps if you've got the time to play (it was a 1 day workshop for us using "pick a part" alternators and bikes abandoned on campus)


9 years ago

probably yes, but you won't create much electricity this way, maybe enough for one bulb, and you're better off using something made for lower rpm's...