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is it possible to hook a dimmer switch to a cordless tool charger to make it universal for any voltage? Answered

i dont know much about much but i have ideas sometimes lol the question pretty much sums it up useing a dimmer switch for a light in oes house to create a uiversal battery charger for power tools dewalt ryobi bosch etc thanks for ur time


Some times even they have voltage regulators that struggle to keep the voltage up.


8 years ago

Nope. The transformer will keep trying to crank out the voltage it is rated for but it won't have sufficient energy to do so. Sort of like trying to drive a semi-truck with a moped engine.

A household dimmer on the AC side of the circuit will not let you vary the output DC voltage of the charger, and will probably damage the charger as a bonus feature. Check here for one approach to DIY universal chargers. How you hook up the various charging cradles is up to you.