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is it possible to make a paper engine that runs off of hydrogen if it really sturdy and cylinder is lined with tin foil. Answered

Ok so i have this edea to make a small two stroke engine out of paper and run it off of hydrogen witch i will make with a large battery and water like a fuel cell. But anyways ive allready built the piston and teh crankshaft and the encasing well most of it but i wanted to get some opinions on it can anyone help me?
i should put on here that its not just a single sheet of paper thick um each component is 10 sheets of paper glued and compressed over 24 hours but also im thinking that if i lined the cylinder with tin foil it would stop the paper from burning and also the explosion will be very very micro sized probably 2x times smaller than a fire cracker and the compression will not be much of a problem because it works more off of the just the force of the pop.
Ok so um the paper is yes just ordinary printer paper you can get at walmart for $2.50 but i cut out the shape i am making about 10 to 12 times sometimes 15 even and glue them all then stick it under a couple boxes of clay i have that are about oh well idk but allot of wheight and when its done each peace is about 1/6 of and inch thick so basicly about the thickness of chipboard.


Even though it won't work as a running engine, I'm still impressed what you've done with a little bit of glued paper.  Now think of making parts out of more substantial materials.

 thanks um i dont know if any body allready knows but the amount of hydrogen bieng burnt in every powerstroke is probaly about the size of one of thows snap rock things or maybe a little more so yes after awhile it will heat up and yes it is paper i dont see it making thows extreme temps and conditons plus yes i know aluminum  cant withstand much but for this i think its strong anuf for a liner inside of the cylinder tube to keep the paper from burning.

and also ive redesigned the crankshaft on this engine for a longer stroke before it was maybe a courter of an inch and also ive built a v4 engine made of paper.

Do it and see what happens.


8 years ago

Well, what you've described, to be blunt, it ain't gonna work.
Even if you can make the glued paper structurally strong enough (questionable in my mind) to withstand the forces placed on it, cooling is going to be a major problem.
The ignition point of Hydrogen is 500 degrees C, 932 degrees F.  Take a match and hold it to a piece of aluminum foil for a couple of seconds. Notice what happens? You're going to have the same problem trying to use it as a liner for the cylinder bore.  The paper is a non-conductor and that heat is not going to dissipate, leading to pre-ignition and then structural failure.  And on top of that, aluminum just isn't hard enough to withstand the wear and friction from the piston.
Truthfully, you may be able to construct a nice model, but one that is functional?
Not with the materials you have in mind.