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is it possible to make a plug that connects to a sata Hard Drive then splits into two cords? Answered

what i want to do have it so that i can have one hard drive that can be used on two computers at once. problem is the hard drive is used for the OS on the Desktop. so i want to some how split the connector to the Hard drive. one connector needs to be a SATA and the other a USB so i can connect it to another computer most likley my laptop. i'm will to make the cord but im not 100% how to or if its possible?


type it as ''2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable with Silicon Protective Case''

i'm also trying to make one.looks like we have the same problem.anyway if u wud like to mail me,mail me at wimpykid492@yahoo.com.and about the cable,ummmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh...........well......u know it is available in amazon.com and it is available $13.22.so best of luck while i try my luck here

As was said earlier, use it via the network. trying to access the drive directly from two sources is a great way to end up with no drive.

Go with relaxed's idea - share on the network, make sure you're both in the same workgroup (or domain) and you should see the shares... check the 'let network users change files' if you want full access to the network share. It's not possible within the remotest sense of sata spec to hook a drive to more than one place at once...especially an operating system drive.

I would think that accessing one drive with two different computers at the same time would have bad results, unless of course you shared it over a network (since the OS is built to handle Network sharing). What are you trying to accomplish here? Is it for data sharing or so you can boot off of one drive on two computers? You could get a SATA drive enclosure (the kind for external drives) and cannibalize it, so you could split a SATA cable into USB and SATA... but I still think it's a bad idea. I'd say just share your drive over a network. Find it in My Computer, right-click, and go to properties. Go to the Sharing tab, click "Advanced Sharing", and check the box that says "Share this folder". Then all you have to do is look under Network on another computer to connect to your shared drive.

I did think of that problem is my desktop is running windows 7 and my laptop is running windows XP and i can access the other computers network. plus i was hoping not to buy another drive. Thank for the answer got something to think on now

You can or can't access other computers on the network? I think you can still set up drive sharing between Windows 7 and XP, you just shouldn't use the Homegroup thing that Windows 7 has going on, I could check it out if you're interested in that.