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is it possible to make a rc fan out of a rc car? and if so how? Answered

 i have a ton of rc cars but most either don't work or body,wheels, or something else doesn't work so i wanted to make a rc fan out of them.



As long as the motor works it should work. Just screw open the rc car. Take the electronic components very carefully out of the rc car and put it in a box. Now make sure that one of the wheels (the one that is connected to the motor ofcourse) is out of the box. Now replace this wheel with a fan (like a computer fan.

That's pretty much it. Though I wonder why you would want to make an rc fan...

Oh and don't forget that if you want to keep the blades of the fan running you need to make sure the contact stays (because now you need to push the lever on the remote as if you were driving the rc car forward)

This should be quite easy by connecting the two contacts inside the remote whith eachother. How you could power it down then? Either make a powerswitch or remove the battery from the remote ;)

But do know that this fan won't generate much wind, enough to keep you cool on close distance (that's why I wonderd why you would need it remotely) but not enough from a distance.

Consider using a more powerfull motor for more wind. (preferably something that you need to plug in into an electrical contact)

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Maybe work a locking relay in there, so that the fan can stay on without having to hold down the remote button.

is there a fan in pc monitor please reply thanxxx 

Stand the car on something to hold the wheels off the ground.

Replace the wheels with fans from old PCs.