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is it possible to make a remote control on and off switch from junks rc toys, walky talky and wireless doorbells? Answered

i would to ask if it is possible to make a remote control switch just on and off function from the components of junk  remote control toys, walky-talky, wireless doorbells, junk cordless phone. sound activated toys. i would like to utilized those junks cause some components are still functioning. they just get junks because of broken casings.


hellow iloveairsoftstuff , I am a Tanzanian seventeen years old boy and I would like you to help me in electronics ,please may you?
because I am interested but I have got no help!!

actually, I am a mechanical engineer, but I know a little bit about electronics and would be happy to help however I can! just pm me with any questions.

Figure out how the RC electronics controls the toy's motors/actuators.

Replace a motor with a relay which operates on the same voltage range, and you have a momentary switch which operates the same way that motor did -- on when the remote said it was supposed to be on, off otherwise (or vice versa). Making it latch (push-on, push-off) would take a bit more circuitry to create a flip-flop circuit; websearching on that phrase will find some basic introductions to the idea.

Doorbell likewise... except that there, since the receiver is operating other electronics, it may be hard to isolate the receiver from the rest of the circuitry. Might be simplest to let the speaker output drive the relay or latch, rather than try to dig too far into it.

Walky talky would be a bit more difficult; you'd have to provide your own circuit to distinguish between signal and noise, and provide an input to the transmitter to create the signal (though I suppose if all you need is one channel you could just shout into it, or use its morse key if it has one).