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is it possible to make a simple DIY crossover unit for speakers? Answered

i have been wanting to make a crossover unit for some speakers (i literally have 14+ speakers of various sizes laying around) and i was wondering how feasible this is...


Yes. Use a capacitor to keep low frequencies out of the tweeter and use an inductance (coil of wire) to keep high frequencies out of the woofer. ~Bob~

Easy, Caps and coils...Do a search for passive crossovers. High pass for tweeters, bandpass for midrange and low pass for subwoofers. Easy to make, most car audio supply companies have these parts...I was making these when I was 15 with virtually no electronics knowledge.

. They're not that difficult to build, but you may have problems finding circuits and formulas for more than 3-4 drivers. . . A lot of audio ppl refer to the individual "speakers" as drivers. A speaker is the cabinet and included drivers. If you are talking about speakers, and not drivers, then a crossover is not the answer.