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is it possible to make cat nip at home? and does anyone know how to do it , cuz where i live they do not sell it ? ? Answered

what would i need to do make home made cat nip and is even possible , is it safe ?



Nepeta cataria is the 'true' catnip, although there's some similar plants which have the same effect. It's strange how different cats react to it. Some will roll ecstatically on the plant and drool all over until they've crushed it into the ground whereas some will recoil as if they've been hit on the nose.

And some don't react at all, or at least not more than they do to other plants (chewing on them to clean teeth). I don't know whether anyone has found specific genes tied to these differences.

check out the other uses of catnip there are quite a few but i cant remember them right now.

tea in its original form is cat nip so grow some tea

Hi, You can grow cat nip in your home during the winter and outside during the summer. Most pet places sell a growing kit. You can use it fresh or you can cut it and dry it for toys and gifts. Catnip affects 70% of the cat population. (It's a genetic thing) Catnip does not affect kittens under the age of 4 months. As a matter of fact, most kittens will not react to catnip until they're around 6 months of age, so don't worry if your little kitty doesn't take to it right away. Catnip is a stimulant for them when inhaled but becomes a sedative when they ingest the leaves. Not only is catnip fun for most cats but it can be helpful during some illnesses. We've used catnip at the animal hospital to stimulate appetite with some success. In humans, catnip tea is helpful for sore throats and has a calming effect, kind of like Valerian. As a matter of fact, some cats will react to Valerian - but Valerian has an awful odor! Catnip is completely safe, a cat cannot overdose on catnip. Growing and drying your own catnip is even better than buying it because you can make sure your catnip is organically grown and free of pesticides.

thanks all . that was really helpful at last i can make my cats go crazy muhahaha just kidding

Catnip is a plant -- a member of the mint family. Yes, you can grow it at home; many pet stores sell seeds or seeds/soil/pot kits. Be sure to keep it where your cats won't knock the pot off the shelf. No significant effect on humans, except that some of us like the taste.