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is it possible to make video come through as a radio frequencey? Answered

I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out how to send video through a radio frequency? i need for an rc project to make a video signal come through a radio frequency, then onto a pc/laptop and can be viewed in / as close to real time as possible.


You want to mount a camera on an RC device?
Yes you can buy these things, and it's a better option than trying to make something.
Look for mini wireless cam or similar


Yes.  It's called Television.  Television works by sending the visual picture thru the air using Radio Waves.

You can do the same thing.  You can get a camera, transmitter and receiver from Radio Shack or the internet.  Set up the camera to view what ever it is you want to see and connect it to the transmitter.  Connect the receiver to a computer video card that accepts what ever output your receiver has.  RCA, RGB , composite etc.

Now you can watch what ever the camera sees by watching your computer.

Now if you want to build all of this yourself don't bother thinking about it any more.  It's a design intensive project that most elect. engineers would have trouble with.