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is it possible to make your own radio broadcast? Answered

i think it would pretty funny


yeah, but it's illegal without some sort of permit

+1. Depends on the frequencies you're broadcasting in, but if by "radio station" you mean the AM or FM radio bands you can't legally put out enough signal to go more than a few feet, and even that must be shut down if anyone complains that you're interfering with other broadcasts.

Depending on why you're doing this, you might want to investigate webcasting instead.

Don't forget that copyright applies -- if you're broadcasting commercial recordings, you owe the publisher license fees, and in many cases those aren't cheap. (Actually, the rules for those are clearer for radio than for webcasting.)


7 years ago

How Far ?


well...i was hoping a pretty good sized distance but i know that takes alot of effort...im not to sure to be completely honest with you

Do you want to send code , voice or music ?
Now, really be honest.


music, but voice would be cool too

You picked well.
In the realm of difficulty, Music broadcasting is the most demanding the hardest,
Voice is a little easier and code is easiest.
Is there, a terrible government organization like our FCC down under ?
There are ways to do this depending on your tech abilities.