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is it possible to program my BS microcontroler with python? what else can python do? Answered

My computer science teacher was wanting to buy a set of robots. the boe-bot and the scribbler bot. All of us are really skilled in java. could they be programmed with that? He's more or less appointed me as his adviser to this venture, and i'd like to hear frome someone who's had some experience

I'm also an arduino freak and i was wondering if python could have anything to do with that.


I'm way late answering, but check out How I Feed My Cats with Linux by Chris McAvoy http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7403 using Python & Basic Stamps.

I'm not sure python can be used to program microcontroller. Correct me if i'm wrong. :) You can replace Basic Stamp with PICAXE. It's a variant PIC chip. PICAXE is very cheap and easy to use. It's even cheaper than Arduino.


9 years ago

Well, those products are from Parallax, and the Boe-Bot has a little circuit board with the microcontroller and all necessary other components on that chip. The kit requires some assembly, but not a lot. There is a CD with all of Parallax's products that does all of the programming of the chip itself. From then on, you can write a program that the chip executes, etc. The language is in PBASIC, which as you may guess, is a form of Basic. There is a manual included in the kit for instructions. I hope that helps.