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is it possible to reinstall an os with an external optical drive? Answered

the title says it all -- this is for a diy project and i need a really small (and cheap) laptop.. i just need to know if i can reinstall an os on there using an external dvd drive, since it probably wont have an internal one



Best Answer 9 years ago

most newer computers can, especially the netbooks. before buying, check for usb booting. It might also say able to boot from usb flashdrive- it will work with a usb cd/dvd drive. If you have the computer, when the computer turns on, hit the key to enter bios for your computer, and see if there is an option to set a usb device in the boot order

great... thats what the idea was _ doing this with a netbook.... anything on how to put vista on a flashdrive ( i have an 8gb u3 cruzer from sandisk) thanks

first off: most netbooks can't handle vista. Which one are you looking at/or own? Do you want to install vista to the flash drive, or put the install files on the drive, so you can install it on the computer?

im talking about the 2nd option u mentioned , installing the files to the netbook... nd im not sure which one in particulat yet, cuz it was more of a general question... however, now that i think about it, i would probably use the really popular one that i know which is the hp one with the wide touchpad and 160gb hdd.... called the aspire or something like that, if they came up with a better touchpad version...

ok... remember vista on a netbook will be extremely slow.... you mentioned two netbooks: -hp makes one called the hp mini -acer makes one called the acer apire one the acer is more common, but which one are you referring too?

hopefully it doesnt really matter that much but lets say the hp cuz that sounds more like me and thanks to the comment below as well

you're right. it wont matter.

thanks for your help once again... rak


Answer 9 years ago


This site will give you instructions to make your flash drive bootable, and then to copy the vista install dvd to it.

Before doing this, make sure that you have a data backup of both the flash drive, and the hard drive. The flash drive will require a reformat, and the hard drive probably will. you will need to use a computer with windows and a dvd drive to setup the bootable flash drive.

once the usb flash drive is done, insert into the usb port on your netbook, and boot from the flash drive. The windows vista installer will guide you through the install.

If you can connect it and set the BIOS to boot from it: I should think so. Can you? L

not sure yet -- im just beginning this project + idea but i am really good at computers so probably yeah thanks