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is it possible to store an arduino library on eeprom if it is big enough? Answered

i was wondering if you could store an arduino library on an eeprom chip because the sound library for the waveshield kit is very large (~10KB according to ladyada.net). she had also stated under the waveshield tutorial that it is too much to store on the ATMEGA328's eeprom. she didn't say anything about other eeprom chips. i was wondering if it is possible to do this because she had stated that there is not enough eeprom on the arduino chip.


What you need to do is store the data in the eeprom and put the sketch in the atmega. I can't give specific instructions - but I dont believe the arduino bootloader will load the sketch from external eeprom.

the question is, how do you put the data on the eeprom??????

use the arduino in 2 modes - 1 to act as an eeprom burner for the computer, where you assemble the data (such as sounds) into a hex file that gets burned to the rom... computer>>serial (usb)>>arduino>>rom then reprogram the arduino to do including read from the prom. arduino <<>> rom

I already have rhought of two modes for the arduino, but how do I make a hex file and burn the file to the eeprom through the arduino? I'm trying to store the library for the wavesheild kit on the eeprom so I don't have to use flash space on my arduino

again - anything that has to be in the compiled sketch has to live on the arduino Only extra data can be placed on the rom. I don't know the specifics how to burn the rom.

so you can't burn a library onto an EEPROM???? awwwwwww...... :((((( at least i can store all of the constants there... if i have any... i know how to burn the rom (i think)