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is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument... Answered

is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument... by using a 1/4" inch jack and momentary switch? Maybe with a battery pack attached and a few resistors?


A Morse code key is a switch, you could use it to make beeps, but the standard morse kit only plays one note. Still interested in a one-note bleep machine?


yah i am, although it will be my prototype the problem is finding a way to mimick the beeping sound from a buzzer in a electrical circuit and then it has to be output into the computer and its thr true nature of a one note beeping sound that seemingly makes it versitile, its all a matter of hooking it up to various effects and changing the keys in the computer program...

It could be a neat effect to use a morse key as the input for various effects because it can be applied so effortlessly, quickly on and off, etc...I can think a dj using it for clipping effects...

yah thats what i kinda meant.... i mean i have been using my program and i was thinking of making it in a form of a one key keyboard basicly....

I'm not sure what kind of "morse code sender" you're talking about. Point to an example, please, or describe in greater detail.

one key keyboard... no notes no modified notes just want an inxpensive one key keyboard i know it sounds weird... but iwas thinking it could help on my next album...

do you mean an automated morse code sender that sends preformed letters and words? if so, conceivably, one could go thru a bunch of machinations to make music using it...not sure why, but that's a taboo question for me to ask. Since you said a battery a switch, a 1/4 jack, and a couple of resistors...ima be bold and say NO


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Three words: Real life censor.