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is it possible to use a dc motor as an alternator in an rc car? Answered

i would like to know if it is possible to use a simple dc motor as an alternator in an rc car. i know i  would need a diode, but  i don't know if it would work or not. would it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Not without rebuilding it - DC motors produce DC as generators. If you don't actually need an alternator but a DC generator will do, you could use the motor. But what would you want it for when the car has power anyway?


Perhaps the RC car is run using a gas engine?

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten to consider that.


easy to forget these days..who uses gas motors anymore? ;-)

Lots of people do, they run on nitromethane, but a battery is possibly better for this job?


Maybe so, but it's a neato idea...one of those "realism" things...no harm in doing it anyway...and kinda instructive from a systems POV.

Make it into a dynamo/starter, tiny lead-acid battery too...


You could belt-drive a small motor like the one pictured, but you'd be taking power away from the wheels.
If you really wanted an electric-start you'd need a bigger motor, decent battery and a direct gearing to the crankshaft - not a good idea.


 I think that you could use a dc motor as an alternator in an rc car because it uses batteries for power, but it couldn't be one of those in the picture unless you could spin it really fast.

DC motors don't produce AC, well not it spun in one direction anyway.


what is an ac motor like? how big are they and how much do they cost?

I know, but don't RCs run on batteries, which is DC power?

Oh wait that would be counter productive. I think Dc would work anyways.

i want to use it a a recharger/generator for the batteries for the lights in my car im working on

technically not as an alternator, but it can be run as a generator, albeit low power.