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is it possible to use the usb wireless for my laptop for my xbox? Answered

i have a pantech usb wireless internet for my laptop is it possible to hook the ethernet cord form my laptop to my xbox 360 an get xbox live???


1) Connect ethernet cable to PC/Laptop and xbox console. 2) Open Network Connections (Start-Run-ncpa.cpl). 3) Right click Wireless Network Connection and select Properties. 4) Click the Sharing tab and make sure the top box is UNCHECKED! 5) When finished, repeat steps 3 and 4 for Local Area Connection. If there is no Sharing tab, don't worry!! 6) Highlight both Wireless Network Connection and Local Area Connection, right click, and Create Bridge. You should then notice your Wireless Network Connection drops down with the new Bridge Connection 7) The most important part now is to right click Local Area Connection and Add To Bridge. You should now be able to connect to Xbox Live.


9 years ago

I've gotten mine to work with a bridge of the wifi and the network port which is easy as long as it can support it. You just need to select both connections in your network adapters and right click and then click bridge. If it supports it you will still have wifi and using the cable the xbox came with plug into the cat5 on both ends and viola