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is it possible/how can one make a motorized and adjustable wire reel for a tesla coil? Answered

i want to make a tesla coil and i dont have the attenchen span to hand wind it or wind it on a a lathe. im not sure the height of my coil yet nor do i know the thickness of wire im going to use, so im looking for a reel that is preferably motorized but can be hand cranked. this needs to be adjusted so i can make differant heights of coils and differant thicknesses of wire.

Im partly looking to make this so that I can make multiple coils, if I was trying to just make one coil I would hand wind it over a long period of time.



5 years ago

Poor individual, wants easy winding because concentration is not your
strong point..
How will you handle the sophisticated electric wiring ?
Buy a robot to do that for you.


Just a small thing:

It will take you as long to invent or make a thing to wind the coil for you as it will to wind the coil.

Almost any one of job isn't worth automating.

Lots of ways. Google "coil winder".  You'll have to adapt something to your size coil.