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is it posspble to link lcd/ led mobilephone screens together? Answered

Is it possible to link minor lcd/ led color screens together (mobilephone screens) so they show the same picture or seval from one sorce ?

Im working on a special effect suit for larp, and im going to use lcd screens to animate flowing lava ( or so is my plan at least ;) )
But im stuck on how to connect small screens together so they show the picture of flowing lava.

If its possible to make them show the same picture, or event better a individual picture each.
further more im planning to use more than 200 of these so is im woindring about the amount of power the sorce must output.


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Found the link:

not sure if it is available to the public but at least it is possible ;)

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7 years ago

think I gonna need a thing like a video sorce switch and diffrend forms of connections depending on the display. ( Im planning on useing diffrend forms of displays, because I will rig them from old phones and cameras if possible)

so a further question is, can different kind of displays work on the same signal?


7 years ago

thanks :)

I recently saw some software that lets you take a picture of several screens with internet access (such as smart phones) and creates links to use them as one.
Let me see if I can find a link of that for you