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is it safe to root my mobile phone? Answered

hey everybody,

I'd like to root my mobile phone, I have a Galaxy Gio and want to get some more out of it.
I know it is simple to do, but does anybody know if it is safe?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Is it safe? Well, what is your definition of safe? Do you mean is there any possible way on this earth that something could go wrong? If so, than the answer is yes. Is it likely? If you follow the instructions, then probably not. The question you should be asking yourself is "how much is it worth to me to root my phone?" and "how much is my phone worth if something goes wrong?" if you answered that the gain outweighs the risk, then go ahead and root it. If you want to root it just to say you rooted it, then don't do it. I work in the IT industry, and I use my phone for a phone, and to check my emails on occasion. I don't want to run backtrack on it or anything like that, so I don't have a reason to root it, therefore it is not rooted. Do you have any idea how much I get ridiculed by my peers and even my subordinates because my phone isn't rooted? Long story short, it just isn't worth it to me... even though my phone only cost $70. :)

I want to rood my phone because I don't need all the standard apps that are on it. If I root it, I shout be able to get all those stupid apps off of it, because they don't do anything more than use memory. and because the galaxy gio doesn't have much intern memory, i guess it is very handy. I was searching for some programs to root my phone, do you think that this one is safe enough to try it?


thanks for your advise so far!


In response to your latest question, I haven't heard of any problems with that method. I do know that many people like on-click-root, but like I said, my phone is not rooted. I don't have any personal experience in rooting it, but I don't think the method you posted is that bad from what I have heard.

These days rooting Android phones is pretty easy, and its hard to brick one.

Try it, just follow the steps methodically, and don't rush or panic during the process. The first boot after rooting seems to take ages !

What more do you want from it? Is the current OS missing something?

Rooting the phone could cause you to brick the phone making it unusable.