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is it safe to use a mallet with a repaired handle? Answered

I salvaged a mallet with a split handle. The split followed the wood grain but extended down the length of the handle. I've glued it and clamped it. My highschool shop teacher told me once that glue is stronger than wood.


I would say theres far more risk from splintering around where the handle meets the head from mis-hits. The handle should be fine with a lengthwise split especially if glued.

Glue _can_ be stronger than wood -- but it can also be more brittle, so I'm not sure a hammer handle will hold up. Depends on the kind of glue, how well you glued it... Some folks would suggest reinforcing the handle with pipe clamps or binding wire. I'll agree with CrawdadMan. It is _probably_ no less safe than it was before it split -- but I'd still make sure that whatever direction I was swinging it was away from anything that I would object to its hitting if it flew free. And, as Alicat pointed out, replacement handles are pretty commonly available and generally fairly cheap. Might be simpler to do that, which we know works, rather than gambling. But hey, it's worth doing the experiment...

Just test it out. hit some stuff with it and wear some safety gear.

you should be able to buy a replacement handle somewhere like homedepot or lowes