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is my computer a good one ? Answered

my computer is a Compaq presario 5000 very nice computer decent PC windows Xp home version 2002 Service pack 3 Intel celeron processor 664MHz, 256 MB of ram (works perfectly just need more ram) 14.5 GB hard drive one 7GB sky drive one 2GB external device my computer works very well it gets the job done but its not much of a multitasking PC because of the tin bit of ram i have i will get 2 GB of ram when my mom gets her new PC i will swap ram chips cuz my mom only listens to music and checks her email & the weather that's all



8 years ago

 how does this thing turn on??

(boy am i late to the party)

heck yeah im gonna suck my monies worth outta this machine i clockedthe CPU to 600MHZ and im dual booting xubuntu on this baby ha ha suck that tiny hardrive

It's not great, and getting less so every second like all our machines... But like you say "it gets the job done" - if it does that it's what you need. Can the RAM be swapped though? L

No, nowadays the presario RAMs are obsolete, no other third party replacements supported on presario. I tried to install new RAM but only wasted money :(

A person your age....... knows what ram is that means Here we have lowered our standards to much. I Am in 8th grade and i have not even started physics yet so i have to learn it on my own :(

I didn't think 2Gb would go in it. L

yeah there both compatible its a 2GB ram so that will help boost up computing power bad thing is my registry is crap i defragment it like every month but seems to do squat so i will be swapping this baby by the time i reach high school i will probably buy a E-Machine

14.5 Gb of HD space?! Do yourself a favor and get yourself an external hard drive.

i said i have one 14.5 GB hard drive one 7GB sky drive one 2GB external device i forgot i have a nother 7GB sky drive you can get it on file hippo

its pretty good and nice, i have 3GB RAM, 320GB harddisk, and 1200MHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and i have Windows Vista Premium any way ur comp is good

I have one too.Though, it only has 64 mb ram. Good computer, gave me t11 years of service before failing comletely this summer.No repairs nothing, in 11 years. mine was a presario 5000A

I gues it should be pretty good, mabe y some lags mabey not!

I only have a AMD althlon xp 1800+ and 512mb of ram (Stupid DDR1, It's getting harder and harder to get a good matching set!) for my main rig but it gets the job done. I've got a large 500GB drive as I do photography and use photoshop offen. BTW, You most likely have sdram in your computer and you mums new compter will have probaly have DDR2. I'm going to "upgrade" the lot to a G4 quicksilver and studio disply soon, Can't quite afford a new g5 on a student budget lol

i know what you mean my PC is nice because i have no virus ware installed and i am still virus free since i got this computer.my parents have always bought a dell for me and those things are crap they catch viruses easy but they have uber performance so far Compaq is my favorite type of PC very durable only downside is that the registry is not so good


8 years ago

It's as good as what it's used for. ;) I may not be good for playing games, but it's fantastic for typing up documents