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is polycaprolactone an insulator? Answered

Is Polycaprolactone ( aka "Friendly Plastic" aka "Instamorph" ) an electrical insulator?

Thanks for any info



Best Answer 5 years ago

Yep, pure polycaprolactone is an insulator, a great one for most maker type uses.

          Polycaprolactone composite materials, on the other hand, will vary of course. In fact a lot of research and work is being put into developing optimal PCL blends with the goal of high electrical conductivity for medical and other purposes. But I'd assume the PCL you have on hand is functionally similar to the "pure PCL" referenced in research papers, and therefore a good insulator.

          Personally, I've used it as an insulator on many projects without issue. And even a quick test involving a polycaprolactone sheet and a 500,000 volt stun baton seemed to confirm that it is, in fact, an effective insulator.

fantastic, thank you!

Yes, but I'm going to guess its not a brilliantly good one.