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is popcorn a veggie? Answered

well popcorn is made of corn right? well, does it count as a veggie then?



A lot of comments here about popcorn having no nutritional value. That is far from correct. See below:

According to new research, a handful of plain popcorn might be: as part of his presentation at the American Chemical Society meeting on Sunday in San Diego, Joe Vinson, a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton revealed that the hull that surrounds popping corn is unusually rich in polyphenols -- a type of antioxidant associated with helping to prevent cancer. Antioxidants repair cellular damage caused by "free radicals" -- unstable molecules in our body.

Vinson and his co-investigator, Michael Coco, Jr. tested four different brands of popcorn, grinding up the popped kernels and analyzing them. They found that 90 percent of the polyphenols came from the hull rather than the "white fluffy stuff" and that the overall load was high: 242-363 milligrams per one-ounce serving. (By comparison, fruits like apples and pears often have about 160 milligrams of the antioxidants per ounce.) Overall, about 1.5 percent of popped corn is comprised of polyphenols, according to TIME Healthland.

Polyphenols are found in foods derived from plants, but popcorn may be an especially rich food source because it is minimally processed. While many of the grains we consume are refined, popcorn is not. It is also low in water, which means it simply has a more concentrated antioxidant load than water-heavy fruits and veggies.

Still, fruits and vegetables -- as well as other sources of polyphenols like red wine and dark chocolate -- have other vitamins and minerals that popcorn does not have, making them particularly healthful.

The high heat required for popping breaks down nutrients and denatures proteins. Therefore, popcorn does not supply the nutritional value of raw (or even cooked) corn. Sorry, your parents are correct and you are not.

You know corn has virtually no nutritional value, right folks? I'm not saying popcorn is a vegetable, (seems like a long stretch) but if yall are saying popcorn isn't nutritional enough to be a vegetable, and it's very low nutritional value is the reason you know it's not a vegetable......well with this logic, corn is not a vegetable due to it's low to nonexistent nutritional value....just a thought...

Hi SmeXy! Do I see you choosing the "Best Answer" in the near future? ;-)

And popcorn is much lower in nutritional value than regular corn even before it is popped. Popcorn is bred to make nice fluffy kernels, nutritional values are rarely considered in its development.
Popcorn is a snack food, it has less nutritional content than a Snickers bar.

Wikipedia suggests a "culinary definition" of the word vegetable
 as a category of food from plants.  In addition to foods that fall into the vegetable category, there are also fruits, grains, and nuts, and each of those is its own category as well.

In contrast there's the sort of biological definition, i.e everything from the plant kingdom,
is vegetable.  This biologic definition is obviously very wide, so that even inedible plant material like tree bark, or cotton, or grass clippings, are essentially vegetable.

And of course mushrooms are therefore not vegetable, because mushrooms are not plants.

So the argument, "Because corn is a grain, therefore it's a vegetable", that argument doesn't work if vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, are all separate and mutually exclusive categories.  In fact that means that if corn is a grain, then it can't be a vegetable, because it's a grain, and that's something different than a vegetable.

You might also ask if potato chips, or ketchup,  "count as a veggie".

Also worth a look is this video from the Onion(r) News, in which FDA Commissioner Steve Hoyer urges Americans to, "just eat a goddamned vegetable every once in a while."

I lived on a farm for over twenty years I share cropped as well as delivered feed and crop seed all that time. So I guess you can call me an ex farmer.

The peanut is not a nut it is a legume. (Pea or bean)

Ketchup made from tomatoes is a fruit.

Potatoes are a tuber.

Mushrooms as food stuff, are a fruiting fungi they are classed as that because they contain the spores of the fungi. (Seeds)

You want to hear a funny one, peas and beans are a fruit, vegetable, and a grain depending on when you pick them and how you serve them. In the pod and on the vine they are a fruit, in the pod cooked they are a vegetable, and out of the pod whether dried or not they are a grain.

Anything other than chaff that contains the seed while growing is a fruit. (Chaff is like the leaves covering corn.) still grains while growing are considered to be fruiting.

A farmer?  That means you are (or were) one of those people Paul Harvey spoke so highly of during the last Super Bowl,

So it is an honor to meet you.  Erm.. the only food plants I've got growing right now are some cherry tomato plants, indoors.  They've pretty much taken over my only south-facing window, and I'm thinking about moving them outside, if the wind ever lets up. 

I had not heard that one about peas, being classified as fruit, vegetable, or grain, but that makes sense though.

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I checked your profile doesn’t say your exact local.

If your tomatoes start to bloom before you place them outside take a Qtip and rub the insides of the blossoms going from blossom to blossom making sure to get pollen from the Stamens to the Stigma so they will fruit.

I did this for plants I couldn’t put outside here in Canada.

Popcorn is a grain all forms of corn are grain or cereal crop.

Sweet corn like peaches and cream are picked immature for the soft texture of the grain just as baby corn is, however if you let it mature it hardens like popcorn and it will pop like popcorn when heated.

Josehf wins and I stand corrected! ;-) An extensive google search reveals Corn is classified as a grain. I sure didn't see that one coming! ;-)

I lived on a farm for over twenty years I share cropped as well as delivered feed and crop seed all that time.

You want to hear a funny one, peas and beans are a fruit, vegetable, and a grain depending on when you pick them and how you serve them. In the pod and on the vine they are a fruit, in the pod cooked they are a vegetable, and out of the pod and dried they are a grain.

If it is then i say lets rejoice

I don't think so. Lol if it is then there is something VERY wrong, haha

Popcorn has all the nutritional benefit of packing peanuts dipped in sugar.

Technically speaking, popcorn qualifies as a vegetable, regardless of nutritional value. Then again, the US Congress qualified pizza as a vegetable, too. You may have stronger argument with that... assuming you like pizza? ;-)