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is the LM741CN op amp work same as the LM741 op amp? Answered

I'm making a distotion pedel and radio shack has the LM741CN but not the LM741C op amp.


they are both compararators and op amps so they will get the job done and besides the cn does meen the manufacturer same with 555 like 7555 just takes less power and cn555 and lm555

Is there a way to create the ruby or little gem amps on http://runoffgroove.com using the LM741? I am trying to substitute a LM386 for a LM741 as I have a bunch of them kicking around...


8 years ago

Yes, they should be 99.99% the same.

Yes, the letters behind LM741 op amp usually means what manufacture it is made by.

Not quite - The letters before tell you the manufacturer. The letters after tell you the package type, temperature range, testing spec. etc.

Quick answer - Yes!