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is the homemade plastic harmful to the environment?if yes! why? how?if no! why not? Answered

is the homemade plastic(made up of milk and vinegar) harmful to the environment?if yes! why? how?if no! why not?




8 years ago

I would also like to see the complete recipe. I use milk and vinegar to make cheese. Yep, thats it, the whole ingredient list fro a basic cheese. I would think a recipe made like this is fully biodegradeable, unless you are adding something ...different?

It depends where in the environment it is.

E.g. If you dumped a lot of cheese into a pond it would probably be harmful. If you left it where animals could eat it, it might make some of them ill as a "bad diet", or they might choke on it.

No absolute yes/no answer for this question.


Comparing this process of plastic-making to traditional methods, absolutely not.  Regular plastics are made from refined petroleum byproducts, along with plenty of chemical additives, and the whole thing from start to finish is an environmental nightmare.  Also, most people still don't recycle the plastic, so it ends up sitting in a landfill forever.

However, you must also think about the plastic used in the milk jug and the fact that the milk itself is from a dairy farm.  Many dairy farms create their own pollution; the cows themselves require large amounts of water to survive, produce greenhouse gases, consume large quantities of feed (mostly corn, which is in and of itself farmed through environmentally destructive methods) and the runoff from the farm carries e. coli.

I guess the moral is that you can find something destructive in just about anything these days.  You'll find that this is the most popular reason given for why soccer moms insist on driving SUVs.  It's too much effort to think and then choose the lesser of the evils.

I think most soccer moms drive SUV's for two main reasons.  They like the assumed extra safety on the larger vehicle.  And they love the extra power it gives them.  Who's gonna pull out in front of them now?

Probably not.  If that's all you're using.  Where's your recipe?  Is that all of the ingredients?