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is the output from a solid state relay dependant on the input voltage or current? Answered

can someone please explain how a SSR works i understand the basics, the led and the photo-diode but im not 100% sure how to use one. im thinking i want to control a large 12v motor that draws a high current (~50A) using the guts of a RC car remote, but i want to maintain the analog signal( if that makes sense...) i dont want it to be on or off, i want to be able to power incrementally. i thought that a SSR would be the right thing for the job.


You could just get an electronic speed control module (ESM) that works with your r/c car receiver.  Then your motor would work just like the speed control on your car. (When it was working)

I doubt that you can get one that will control 50 amps continuously but you can use a transistor to increase the capacity.

 wow this just got a hole lot more complicated thanx for the reply

A solid state relay does essentially the same thing as a mechanical relay; ie it's just a switch controlled with a signal, rather than someone pushing a button.

To control a motor in the way you want, one solution would be to use pulse width modulation.  Here's a page that describes this: