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is ther any device that has an oscillator? Answered

i cant get an oscillator in the shops


Try an NE555 IC chip and a few other parts. What frequency do you want?

Take a hard look around the room.  Chances are if it uses some form of electricity, it has some kind of oscillator in it somewhere.

What you want to salvage one from will depend entirely on what you need.  However, the oscillator circuit is also the easiest to build and the cheapest to buy, so if you can't find something to scrap that suits your needs you can always just take a quick trip to the local electronics store.

For that matter, even a dollar store probably has toys you could cannibalize with oscillators suitable for most projects.

Watch, clock, TV, PC, DVD, VCR, Radio, Microwave... what do you want it for?


Lots of things have them.  Most radios, signal generators, audio generators electronic musical instructments.

They're easy to make.  Lots of plans available on the net.

What freq. are you needing. or are you needing a variable?  If so what range of freq's?