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is there a free full download out there for adobe aftereffects cs5.5? Answered

I really need after effects, for creating special effects in my stopmotion movies please can someone help.

the version i would like is after effects cs5.5

it has to be 32 bit compatible

and compatible or windows



I Do Know How to Get Adobe After Effects CC for Free. And it is Super Easy, Step by Step, and it is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Zdb4utTws&list=UUxOMm409JSmRmzEOQ4Vq6og

I second canucksgirl. Also, there isn't even a paid version of CS5 for 32-bit that I know of... it will not run good on much less than 8 GB ram. However, there may be an alternative to using illegal software. What type of effects do you want to use? I do professional video editing with all of the major software, but I use cheap software for my personal videos. My main program I use at home cost $80, and it does some pretty cool stuff. I know of a lot of free/cheap video editing software, so tell me what you want to do with it, how much ram you have, and your processor speed. I'll see if I can help you.

Tell me what it's like to have 8gb of RAM. Any adobe software eats my 2g MAXED OUT ram... I can run all of photoshop and dream weaver at the same time.

Most of the computers I use actually have at least 20 gb of ram. I recommend that you don't use aftereffects with anything less than 8 gb. Aftereffects is different from photoshop and dream weaver because when you are previewing you video, it has to render to ram. If you have much less than 8 gb, you are constantly rendering to the hard drive, just so you can see if you have everything timed right. And then if you don't, you make a little tweak, then you have to re-render again! (Trust me... That used to just be a fact of life back in the 32-bit days...) :)

The answer is YES.

BUT, I'm sure most members here would agree that giving you a link to a pirated copy of a program (for which you are suppose to pay for), isn't going to happen here.

That is precisely the way to have a website banned. SEE HERE FOR WHY

A free copy of an expensive program? What is wrong with you, that youd even ask that!?