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is there a full version freeware utility for speeding up windows xp that really works? Answered

so sick of slow response and crashes, freezing up when using win xp!

u-tube is jerky and web games slow to acknowledge mouse clicks. not good
speed games to say the least.

have high speed internet line but crashes or fezzes up 34 times a day.
especially if boyfriend is on network with his laptop.

i have what little patents i had with this demon gates machine...
can you give advice beyond defray and normal ops?




8 years ago

Odds are there isn't a software tool out there (free or commercial) that is going to make that much of a difference to make you happy. 

If your system is extremely cluttered, re-formatting and re-installing Windows will definitely make a noticeable difference, but that takes considerable time and knowledge.  That said, it will only be a matter of time before it gets cluttered up and slows down again.

Your best option would be to add memory to your machine.  Going from something like 512MB of RAM to 2GB of RAM will make a HUGE difference and will be almost like having a new PC.  It's actually a pretty cheap option ($35 - $70 depending on what you need) for such a huge difference.

If you post your make and model of your PC we can tell you exactly what you need for memory. 

You need to find out what type and how much memory your PC supports.


Answer 8 years ago

278 GB free space. just had "new" hard drive installed a few months ago...it was fast when I got it back...but over a short time it has started to hang and freeze..video never played smoothly as before "crash" and new install of hard drive. have updated video plug ins but still bad jerky play...system says my drivers are updated but??? All I can say is for a media player it's a poor example of what one should be.


8 years ago

I agree with Steve on reinstall as the easiest way if your computer is that bad. They do slow some with age and lack of cleanliness, but as for free programs I use the free version of Housecall to check for viruses and HiJack This! to check for malware/greyware on my computer. Both are free tools available at Trend Micro.


8 years ago

There is no one free or paid software that will be guaranteed to help you. Your problems can be caused by a combination of a number of things and no one software covers them all. Your best bet is the following:

1. Make sure you have no malware installed. Even if you have antivirus installed, something may have gotten by. Malware Bytes is a free malware scanning and removal tool that I've had good luck with.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of the drivers for all of your hardware devices. Go to the manufacturer's website for your computer and find the drivers page for your model computer (or just google for it, e.g. "HPdc7900 drivers") and install ALL of the updates. Since you have choppy video and sound, I would also go to the device manufacturer of your video and sound card and get the absolute latest version of the drivers. You might want to do the same for your network card as well. You can find out the make and model of your devices from the Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager).

3. Reduce the amount of crap that starts with the computer. I use Soluto "Anti-frustration Software." It will tell you how long ti takes for your boot telling you how much time it takes, what programs start, and lets you disable those programs you don't need to start with the machine.

4. If you notice that the computer spends a lot of time churning the disk (when your machine is sluggish or freezes, look at the hard drive light, if it is on or blinking you have this problem) you probably need more RAM.

5. If you do not have at least 2-5 gig of space free on your hard drive, your drive is too full. Windows becomes sluggish or non-responsive when the C: drive becomes too full. Free up some space and defrag.

6. You may have noticed that this will take a lot of time and it still might not work. If the above doesn't work, or you just want to go straight to backing up your data and reinstalling your machine from scratch. If that still fails to stop the problems, you probably have a hardware problem. This is not unheard of. I have a laptop that will Blue Screen of Death when I try to connect to some (but not all) wireless access points. The only thing to do in that case is figure out what hardware is flaky and replace it.


8 years ago

Good, or free pick one. I tried a lot of the free ones, and got nowhere, I use Regtool, and it really made a big difference to my machine.

Sometimes its better to nuke it from orbit and reinstall.