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is there a guide,list or photo pool of parts one could salvage out of stuff your throwing away or see in the trash? Answered

for instance as much of a pack rack as i am, i am getting ready to toss a couple of older cordless phones, an infrared foot massager, tossed an old all in one printer a couple weeks back.
if there are good, all purpose usable parts i would salvage  and save the parts.  the foot massager must have  a motor or vibrater.  
The cordless phones i saved the 9vdc bricks, i use i lot of stuff that runs off 9vdc.


You never know what part is going to be useable until your next project and you need one of those something or others  that look like that but this thing here might do if I can get it off and mounted without breaking it.

You you can't throw any of it away.

The first rule of hacking is "Any part thrown away or broken will be the most necessary part on your next project".

i think i came across a forum either on here instruct ables or a link from here that listed all the usable pieces that could be found in the typical discarded electronics and sidewalk stuff. last week i got a couple 4 foot dual track shelf supports, i bought the same type the week before . at the same place i picked up the 4 four foot by 2 foot orange transparent brand new acrylic 1/4 inch sheets. i wish i had picked up this hobby when i was still working, i worked for a utility, had a big bucket truck with plenty of bed space, and one of the areas i worked in was a very wealthy community/. Every Thursday was the day that the stuff like refrigerators,bicycles, a/c,s microwaves, ever type of wheel and castor imaginable .the more i read here, the more i i learn what to look for in local curbside. microwave downstairs now, but i have too many projects and parts laying around i need to complete b4 i try and build a welder.today will be turning the Styrofoam into a usable substance.